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Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research

( Regn. No. S/2L/No. 10387 of 2013-14 of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 )
( 12A Certificate Memo No. CIT(E)/10E/745/2017-18/18-19/S-0042/0344-46 )
( 80G Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2018-19/1014606278(1) dated 27/12/2018 )
Ordinary Member
tarun kanti naskar
9432151669 | tknaskar@gmail.com
C-4, Jadavpur University Staff Qr., Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032
Friday, 09th May, 1958
Jaychanditala, P.O. Joynagar Majilpur, South 24 Parganas, Pin 743337
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Jadavpur University


  • Synthesis of kinematic linkages

  • Trajectory planning of robotic manipulators

Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, since Oct 1982

Research guidance
1. Supervised Ph.D. thesis “OPTIMUM DESIGN OF ELASTIC AND FLEXIBLE LINKAGES FOR MOTION AND PATH GENERATION” of Ruby Mishra in assocition with Dr. Sanjib Acharyya (2014)
2. Supervised M.Tech. thesis “Towards Design of an Automatic Manufacturing System using Serial Manipulator and moving Parallel Manipulator” of Harsh Nahata (2014)
3. Supervised M.Tech. thesis “Synthesis of 4-bar and Geared 5-bar Mechanisms with Joint Clearance” of Nripen Pramanik (2009)
4. Supervised M.Tech. thesis “Path Synthesis of Planar Multi-bar Linkages using Differential Evolution Algorithm” of Santanu Dhargupta (2008)
5. Supervised M.Tech. thesis “Optimization of Cam Size for Prevention of Follower Jump” of Chinmoy Sarkar (2007)
6. Supervised M.Tech. thesis “Introduction of Control Points in B Splines for Synthesis and Analyze of Optimized Cam Motion Programmes” of Ruby Mishra (2006) 
7. Supervised M.Tech Thesis “Towards Computer Synthesis and Analysis of a Precision Cam” of Sumit Bhowmik (2004)
8. Supervised M.Tech Thesis “Towards Computer Simulation for Optimization of Jerk and Hertzian Contact Stress of a Disc Cam and Performance Study” of Sanjay Ghoshal (2003)
9. Supervised M. Tech Thesis “Towards Minimization of Kinematic Parameters of Cam and a Performance Study” of Pankaj Kumar Das (2002)
10. Supervised M. Tech Thesis “Size Optimization of Cam Mechanism with Translating Roller Follower” of M. Veera Babu (2001)
11. Supervised M. Tech Thesis “Towards an Optimized Cam Design” of Krishna Priya Sahoo (1999)

  1. Ruby Mishra, T.K. Naskar, Sanjib Acharya (2013) Synthesis of coupler curve of a four bar linkage with joint clearances, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, 3: 1193-1199.
  2. Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar, Sanjib Acharya (2013) Synthesis of flexible 4-bar linkage considering deformation, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 5 (7): 1345-1351.
  3. Ruby Mishra, T.K. Naskar, S.K. Acharya (2012) Synthesis of 4R path generating chain with multiple joint clearances using DE algorithm, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 4(12), pp. 4912-4921.
  4. T.K. Naskar and R. Mishra (2012) Introduction of control points in B-splines for synthesis of ping finite optimized cam motion program, Journal of Mechanical Science and Techonology, 26(2): 489-494.
  5. T.K. Naskar, S. Acharyya (2010) Measuring cam-follower performance, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 45(4):678-691.
  6. M. Mandal, T.K. Naskar (2009) Introduction of control points in splines for synthesis of optimized cam motion program, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 44(1):255-271.
  7. S. Acharyya, T.K. Naskar (2008) Fractional polynomial mod traps for optimization of jerk and hertzian contact stress in cam surface, Computers & Structures, 86:322-329.
  8. T.K. Naskar (2007) Introduction of Control Points in Classical Splines for Optimal Design of Cam Function, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), 88:27-33.

AutoLISP: An Insight into AutoCAD Programming, Jaico Publishing House, 2004, ISBN : 81-7992-318-5.

  1. Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar and Sanjib Acharya (2013) Path synthesis of a four-bar linkage with multiple joint clearances, Proceedings of KIIT International Symposium on Advances in Automotive Technology, pp. 1192-99.
  2. Souravik Dutta, Tarun Kanti Naskar (2013) Synthesis of Adjustable Offset Slider-Crank Mechanism for Simultaneous Generation of Function and Path using Variable-Length Links, iNaCoMM2013, 465-471.
  3. Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar,and Sanjib Acharya (2012) Path synthesis of 4-bar linkages with joint clearances using DE algorithm, Proceedings of the National Conference on Trends and Advances in Mechanical Engineering, YMCA University of science and Technology, Faridabad.
  4. Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar and Sanjib Acharya (2012) Synthesis of 4-bar linkages with joint clearances using DE algorithm, Proceedings of NASOME 2012, KIIT University BBSR.
  5. T.K. Naskar, N. Pramanik, and R. Mishra (2010) Kinematics analysis of geared 5-bar linkage with joint clearance, Proceedings of FIME-2010, NITK Suratkal.
  6. R. Mishra and T.K.Naskar (2010) Synthesis of ping finite optimized cam motion program by B-splines, Proceedings of ICCM.
  7. Ruby Mishra and T.K. Naskar (2005) Introduction of control points in Bsplines for synthesis of optimised cam motion programmes, Proceedings of 50th Congress of ISTAM (an international Meet). IIT-Khargpur.

  • UGC Scholarship, 1979
  • National Scholarship by Govt. of India, 1974


Session chaired

  1. CAMSCM 2009 for “Computer Aided Modelling and Simulation in Computational Mechanics” at North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India. 
  2. International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (2009) for “Computational Mechanics and Simulation” at IIT, Guwahati, India.
  3. ETME 2005 for “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering” at NIT, Kurukshetra, India.

  • Fellow, Association of Engineers, India. 
  • General Secretary, All Bengal University Teachers' Association for two consecutive terms.
  • Presently the President of All Bengal University Teachers' Association.

Became member of Jadavpur University Executive Council for two consecutive terms and member of the Court of the same university for three consecutive terms.

Member Since : 07th October, 2015  | Profile Last Updated On : 11th October, 2015 3:51 AM
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