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Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research

( Regn. No. S/2L/No. 10387 of 2013-14 of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 )
( 12A Certificate Memo No. CIT(E)/10E/745/2017-18/18-19/S-0042/0344-46 )
( 80G Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2018-19/1014606278(1) dated 27/12/2018 )
Ordinary Member
ishita chatterjee
9830380924 | ishm55@gmail.com
103, Block - C, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata 700 055
Wednesday, 01st March, 1972
Same as Present Address
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Psychology
University of Calcutta

Stress, Management & Cognitive Psychology

  • Corporate & Management Sress
  • Stress in Industrial Sector
  • Consumerism & Cognition
  • Adolescent behavior
  • Inclusive Education

Councillor at IGNOU

  • CAREER & PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLOR for students at BKGC & Asutosh Training Institute
  • Took part in the Psychological Training Program of Nursing students at RG Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata (2009-10)

SIKA Qualcrete Pvt. Ltd. as Psychologist in HR Department

JOURNAL: 32 (salient publications as below)

  1. Perceived causes of suicide, reasons for living, and suicidal ideation among students, Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology 2010, 36(2):311-316.
  2. Organizational role stress, coping styles, and cognitive style towards the development of well-being among BPO professionals, International Journal of Management Research & Review, 2011, 1(3):105-113.
  3. Gender inequity in Indian education: Hindrance to inclusive growth, Towards Excellence - A Journal of Higher Education, 2011, 3(1):6-9.
  4. Quality of work life as a determinant of mental health: A study on IT employee, Research Journal of Social Science & Mangement, 2012, 2(8):5-13.
  5. Corporate social responsibility and indian industries, Journal of Management Research & Review, 2012, 2(12):2056-2061.
  6. Relationship between compulsive use of internet and some personality characteristics of college students, Quest - International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 2012, 1(2):146-150.
  7. Enterpreneurial potential and emotional intelligence of potential enterpreneurs, Global Research Analysis, 2013, 2(3):3-4.
  8. Exploring the relationship between test anxiety and academic achievement of adolescent students, Edulight, 2013, 2(3):14-21.
  9. Perception of academic expectation of parents among high school boys and girls and their psychological consequences, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 2013, 2(1):1-13.


  • Human Resource Development - A Synthesis of Interdisciplinary Approach, UGC sponsored Academic Staff College of Calcutta University


  • Urban Public Space (Unit 3) & Urban Habitat (Unit 4), In: Environmental Psychology, IGNOU, 2010, ISBN 978-81-26-5240-9.
  • Psychological distress in varied gerontological caregivers, In: Stress and Health - Emerging Trends and Challenges (Ed. AP Singh), Alfa Publisher, 2011, ISBN 978-93-81465-39-4.
  • Family stress: concepts and manifestations, In: Stress and Health - Emerging Trends and Challenges (Ed. AP Singh), Alfa Publisher, 2011, ISBN 978-93-81465-39-4.
  • Effect of anulom-vilom pranayama on the problem behavior of adolescents with mild mental retardation, In: New Perspective of mental disorder, Academic Publisher, 2013, ISBN 978-81-7625-910-1.

  • A study of ethical leadership, 1st international On-line Conference on Psychology & Allied Sciences, ISSN 2229-5356.
  • Green human resources: An effort towards environmental sustainability, International Conference on Environment and its Impact on Society, ISBN 978-93-5126-892-5.

  • TV program -1 (CTVN channel) in 2006
  • Radio program -1 on Councilling Awareness in Higher Education in 2008

  • Stood 1st in the merit list of M.Sc. Examination of University of Calcutta
  • Stood 2nd in the merit list of B.Sc. Examination of University of Calcutta

  • Stress, suicidal ideation and meaning in life in college students, UGC Minor project (INR 67,000/-)
  • ICSSR Project
  • One Industry Project from Himadri Chemicals

  • Wrote study material for courses of IGNOU.
  • Session Chair, Mangement Psychology, National conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business Management, George College

  • Member, Indian Association of Applied Psychology
  • Editorial Board Member, Quest

Teaching Experience:

  • Lecturer at Bijoy Krishna Girls' College (2006-2008)
  • Part-time teaching experience in Gokhale Memorial Girls' College & Asutosh College


Member Since : 16th December, 2014  | Profile Last Updated On : 25th October, 2015 2:10 AM
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