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  • Congratulation SSBTR Members for publishing a Policy Paper on Systems Medicine
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Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research

( Regn. No. S/2L/No. 10387 of 2013-14 of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 )
( 12A Certificate Memo No. CIT(E)/10E/745/2017-18/18-19/S-0042/0344-46 )
( 80G Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2018-19/1014606278(1) dated 27/12/2018 )
Founder Member
suryasarathi barat
9830105951 | suryasarathib@gmail.com
C/3A Madurdaha Cooperative Housing Society, Hussainpur, Kolkata–700107
Thursday, 11th July, 1957
Same as Present Address
M.Sc. (Physics), M.Tech. (Computer Science)
Focus R & D Pvt. Ltd.

Big Data Mining & Database Management

  1. Development of Utility Software for creation of Test Database for Burroughs 6800 System.
  2. Migration of Load Flow / Transient Analysis Software from PR1ME to NCR.
  3. Development, Installation and Commissioning of ‘Traffic Sign Inventory Management System’ for City of Greensboro, NC and City of Dallas, TX. The entire project was developed in IBM Main Frame.
  4. Development of Maintenance Management Information System package in Oracle.
  5. Development, Installation and Support for Software package for ‘Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structure and Piping System’. This package has been extensively used for Seismic qualification for structures, piping and others for quite a number of Nuclear Power Plants in India. 
  6. Setting up a 64 Kbps Leased Line between Offices at Calcutta and Philadelphia, US supporting Voice, Data, Fax and Video Conferencing. This is the first installation of India-US Leased line in Eastern India.
  7. Setting up a BPO called Data-Scan for Back-file conversion of US Clients, the first BPO in Calcutta.
  8. Re-mediation of Y2K Bugs for different application systems of Frontier Communications, Inc in Rochester, US. The applications contain few million codes in IBM Main Frame.
  9. Development, Installation and Commissioning of ‘Integrated Banking System’ for Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd., Chennai. This package was developed in Sybase using Power Builder as front-end.
  10. Development, Installation and Commissioning of Library Management System for various clients viz. RKM Inst. Of Culture, Kolkata; Presidency College, Kolkata, Regional Research Laboratory, Bhuvaneshwar etc.
  11. Campus Networking for Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

  • Guided several BE/ B.Tech Projects
  • Guided several M.Tech Projects
  • M Tech Thesis Examiner of School of IT, IIT Kharagpur
  • PhD Thesis examiner of One PhD Thesis of NIT, Allahabad, one PhD Thesis of Jadavpur University and one PhD Thesis from Assam University
  • Co-guide of a Ph D Student Sri Anirban Mukherjee with Thesis Topic “Automatic Diagram Drawing based on Natural Language Text Understanding”


  1. Dunlop (India) Ltd. ('78- May ’83).
  2. Development Consultants Group of Companies (May ’83 - Dec 2001) as a Systems Programmer and was promoted to Vice-President (Technology) of its IT Subsidiary Data-Core (India) Ltd.

  1. S Das, P K Gupta and S Barat. (2010) A Note on Fractional Schrodinger Equation, Nonlinear Science Letter A Vol1.
  2. S Bandyopadhyay, N Roy, A Banerjee, A Chanda, A Mukherjee and SS Barat. (2008) 'RFID-enabled Navigation System of an Autonomous Robotic Guide', Paper published for Special Issue of CSI Communication (Robotics).


  1. 'Physical design issues of inductively coupled RFID systems for assisting the vision impaired', S. Dasgupta, A Mukherjee, S S Barat and P. Das; EPMDS 2006; Kolkata.
  2. 'Luminescence in Oxidized Si Nanostructure: The Role of Interface states', S.M.Hossain, M.Ray, S.Barat, DAE Symposium (Solid State) Mumbai, 2005.
  3. 'Learning Through Neural Networks: Directions set by the Second Law of Thermodynamics', A. Mukherjee, M Ray and S S Barat, Proceedings of NGMS 2006 (Tata McGrawhill).
  4. 'Error Control Coding For Passive RFID Systems Designed to Assist the Vision Impaired', S. Dasgupta, A Mukherjee and S S Barat, Refereed Proceedings of EAIT 2006 (ELSEVIER)
  5. 'Representation of Triangular Shaped Geometric Figures in Braille', S. Dasgupta, A Mukherjee and S S Barat, Refereed Proceedings of EAIT 2006 (ELSEVIER)
  6. 'Tackling the uncertainty of Tumour dynamics', A Mukherjee, D Majumdar and SS Barat, International Conference on Systems Biology , Yokohama, 2006
  7. 'Bit Plane Index Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Authenticating Color Image,' D Basu, A Sinharay, SS Barat, iciic, pp.136-139, 2010 First International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing, 2010, IEEE Comp. Society
  8. 'Systems Biology markup language for Cancer System' A. Das, D Majumdar and S Barat, IEEE conference on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing, NABIC, December 2009.

  • ‘Strategies for Web Auctions and successful e-commerce communication’ presented on Workshop on “Quality Business Communication: The Electronic Way” on National Institute of Management Nov. 2004.
  • ‘Engineering Buzz: Information Technology’ presented in 6th Education Times Knowledge Session at Narula Institute.

  • Stood 7th In WB Board In Higher Secondary Examination
  • Stood 2nd in B.Sc. (Hons.) in the merit list of the University of Calcutta
  • Stood 1st in M.Sc. (Physics) in the merit list of the University of Calcutta
  • Stood 1st in M.Tech. in the merit list of the University of Calcutta
  • Holder of National Science Talent Search Scholarship in 1973

  1. Co- Principal Investigator of Project entitled “Design of Navigational Aid for the visually challenged “ – A project awarded by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India.
  2. Co-PI of the Project ‘Digitization of Bangla Abidhan’ A project offered by SNLTR to BESU. Project completed.
  3. Co-PI of the Project ‘Digitization of entire Rabindra Rachanabali in Unicode Compliant format and hosting the same in Website with Bangla Search Engine’ Project offered by SNLTR to BESU. Project Completed.
  4. Co-PI of MHRD Project on Pedagogical development of Courseware. Topic covered ‘Formal Language and Automata Theory’ Project in Progress. 

  • Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Govt. of India, has formally certified the ‘Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structure and Piping System’ software for in nuclear power plants projects.
  • Adviser to various Projects of Dept. of IT, Govt. of West Bengal.
  • Adviser to e-governance Project of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

  • Graduate Member of Operations Research Society of India
  • Life Member of Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists
  • Founder Member Secretary of "Society for Natural Language Technology Research" (funded by Dept. of IT. Govt. of West Bengal)


  1. Professor and HOD, Dept. of Comp. Sc. And IT at BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology (Dec 2001 - June 2004),
  2. Director at School of Information Technology, Bengal Engineering & Science University (presently (presently Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology)


  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (Since 1988).
  2. Dept. of Comp. Sc. , Univ. Of Calcutta (since 1987).
  3. Dept. of IT., Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur (presently Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology) (since 2000).
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Joka (since 2000)

Member Since : 08th October, 2013  | Profile Last Updated On : 19th August, 2016 1:18 AM
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